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FAQ – Cargo Information

Q. How long will it take me to get my item?

Once your item reaches our address in Miami, we immediately process it and load it for the next flight. We have 2 flights per week (see flight schedule). Your packages will be cleared upon arrival at the airport. We expect 4 days unless there is an unforeseen delay with customs (which would be beyond our control).


Q. What about flammable items like perfumes? Is it possible for you’ll to bring those in?

For perfumes/cologne, nail polish, this is considered hazmat (hazardous) and will need special handling. Please send us a copy of the invoice and tracking info before it’s delivered to our warehouse. The cost of sending these items are significantly more expensive so please contact us first to make sure you can cover the cost. However, if your item is on our restricted list, it will not be allowed on the plane.


Q. Can you bring in perishable items?

We can if they can last in our refrigerator or freezer. If they are still at risk of perishing, then we do not want to carry those items. Call us first and we can assess this on a case by case basis. There will be additional costs & we will need to verify that Guyana customs will allow it through.


Q. Is there a limit to size and weight that you can bring in?

No, you are not being charged for the size of your package, but weight. We do charge cheaper rates after 3 lbs. and a further reduction in rates after 35 lbs.


Q. Do you do home delivery?

No, we do not do home delivery. But See list for our convenient pick up locations


Q. Does the Miami office receive packages on the weekend?

No, our Miami office does NOT open on weekends. Most couriers don’t deliver on weekends. We’re open to receive packages Mon – Fri, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Q. When will I know when it’s ready for pick up?

You can track your packages on our site. You will also receive an e-mail as your package moved from one location to the next.


Q. Where do I pick up?

At the location, you signed up to pick up to pick up at. You can change your pick-up location before your package arrives in Guyana if another one of our locations will be more suitable by logging on your account and changing the pick-up location for that order. Please see our locations.


Q. If I have something in Miami but I need you to pick it up, can you?

Yes, we normally charge $55 US. Just call or email us with an address, contact and item information.