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FAQ – Misc.

Q. I ordered a restricted item without knowing it’s restricted. What do I do?

We will not be allowed to ship it to Guyana. We’ll look for a supplier return label on the package, and this will be returned to the supplier. The supplier will then process your refund. If we don’t find a supplier return label you may be charged the cost of returning the item. We will not be able to send it to Guyana. We will alert you.


Q. I ordered a large TV, how do I ship it?

We will send it on our plane. We recommend that you use our TV secure box. This cost an extra $75 for TV’s that are less than 10 cubic feet. TV’s that are greater in size, will carry a higher cost to secure depending on the size, we’ll let you know. If you insist on not having the TV secure box, then we won’t charge you insurance & we won’t accept liability for any damages.


Q. I’m travelling to Miami; can I just pick up the item there & save on costs?

No. Once your package is delivered to our warehouse in Miami it will be sent to Guyana on the next flight. We do not hold packages.


Q. What if my package gets lost?

Once your package is delivered to our warehouse in Miami, we are responsible for your package. Please check with customer service. Since it’s insured with us, we’ll re-order the item for you or cover the cost of replacing the package.


Q. I received my package damaged?

We inspect every box at our warehouse in Miami, for damaged or restricted items. We make sure that we don’t ship any damage items. If your item is received damaged we take pictures and send it to you so you can decide if to ship to Guyana or contact the supplier, for return. If there is a return label the merchant will pay for the return shipping. If not, then return shipping will be at your cost.