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FAQ – Rates & Fees

Q. Where & how do I pay for my package?

Payment can be made at any of our locations or via MMG (Mobile money GTT). We accept cash at the pick-up locations. We do not accept cheque payments.


Q. When do I pay for my package?

If we purchase on your behalf, you need to pay at least 50% prior to us ordering the item and remainder upon receipt of your package. If you pay online with your own credit card then, you just pay our charges when you pick up your item.


Q. How do I find the weight of an item that I’m ordering?

Many online merchants do not actually provide that information. So the best thing might be to go on to and look up a similar item to get the quote in their information section.


Q. Can freight be paid in Miami when I drop off?

No, we do not accept payment in Miami.


Q. What are the cost of taxes, customs duties, & other gov’t charges?

Just click on our calculator tab, this is just an estimate and charges will be based on the value of your packages.


Q. How do you charge for packages?

We charge the exact duties & taxes that the government charges. With respect to freight, we charge on weight not size.


Q. What is the cost of your service?

Please click on rates. Once you have been notified of your package arrival, you have 14 days to collect. Failure to do so will result in additional storage fees.


Q. I have a large shipment coming in. Can I get a better rate?

Yes, our rate after the first 3 pounds is US $3.50 (or Guyanese equivalent according to bank rate) per pound. Beyond 35 pounds, we charge $3.15 US (or Guyanese equivalent according to bank rate) per pound. Please click to see our rates


Q. I would like to consolidate my packages so that I don’t pay as much?

We do not offer consolidation, because as we get a package we send it on the next plane. We focus on speed of delivery.


Q. I don’t want insurance. Do I have to pay for it?

No, if you don’t want insurance, then you can call us or email us, you’ll need to agree to a waiver of responsibility & we’ll remove that charge from your bill. However, you will then be responsible if there is any damage to the parcel, while in transit.