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FAQ – Shipping & Freight Information

Q. How do I return a package that I didn’t receive as yet?

Once your package is not delivered to our warehouse in Miami, you can cancel. Simply notify us via email or phone and provide us with the tracking number & we’ll do the rest. We’ll use the return label to return the package, either the merchant will absorb the cost of returning or you will have to.


Q. What if I want to return my package & it has left for Guyana but still in transit?

Once your package leaves for Guyana, it is difficult to return so we don’t offer that service. If you must, then call us & we’ll refer you to a company who could do that.


Q. I’m having difficulty using my Planet4Me address on certain online forms, what is the correct format?

Please see below for the 2 options or contact customer service for further assistance

(We are providing 2 options because some online retailers don’t accept the first option so then you can use option 2):

Example: You’ve ordered and your name is John Smith, your account # is P400045. USA address is: 3401 D NW 72 Ave Miami Florida zip 33122

Option 1:

Name: John Smith

Address 1: 3401 D NW 72 Ave

Address 2: P400045

City: Miami State: Florida Zip code: 33122

Tel # (put your actual phone number or leave blank)

Option 2:

Name: John Smith P400045

Address 1: 3401 D NW 72 Ave

City: Miami State: Florida Zip code: 33122

Tel # (put your actual phone number or leave blank)

If the delivery company has a problem finding our location then please call our customer service directly for assistance.


Q. My package has not yet arrived? Can you help?

Yes, please log into your account to see where it is or send us your tracking information (tracking # and Account #) Email to We’ll look for it.


Q. SPS indicated my package was delivered to you but I’m not seeing it in my account?

USPS receives your items, marks them as delivered and then groups them into batches. The batch delivery can take from 1 – 5 days after they USPS indicates “delivered”. This is then delivered to our warehouse in a large batch. It will take our warehouse 1 to 5 days to update your account as “received” then we’ll notify you. As soon as your item is received it will be shipped.


Q. My item arrived damaged/ missing parts. What do I do now?

Send us details of your claims including pictures of the actual item received and actual link of the item order. Email this to us