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Our “FREE FREIGHT PROMO” means we don’t charge freight on the 1st 2 pounds. Most packages average 2 pounds. We must have a limit, else we’d be shipping cars in for free & we’d be out of business in a few days.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it worth it to me?
    Yes, because the first 2 pounds are the most expensive, price of the first 2 pounds is $9.00 US. Every additional pound is $3.50 US
  • If my package weighs 2 pounds, I pay nothing?
    No, you still pay the insurance, duties and taxes, but no freight costs.
  • If I bring in 10 packages that are each within 2 pounds, they’re all free freight?
  • If I bring in a 3-pound package, do I just pay the cost of the 3rd pound? How much is it?
    Yes, the freight cost would be just $12.50 – $9 = $3.50
  • Is there a limit to the number of packages I can bring in with this deal?
    No, once the promotion is on, you can bring in as many as you like.