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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Planet4Me Inc. (Planet4Me)

Planet4Me provides services that allow:

  1. you to shop online with Planet4Me
  2. USA address based in Miami Florida that we provide so that you can deliver goods too, after which we ship those goods to Guyana to our location that is nearest to you
  3. We handle all duties, taxes & logistics, so you can just pick up your item and pay one fee.

Browsing, accessing or simply sending your item to our Miami address confirms YOUR AGREEMENT TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN THIS AGREEMENT. PLEASE READ THEM VERY CAREFULLY.



Planet4Me identifies Junk Mail as prepaid sponsored postage correspondence delivered by the USPS, including items such as free catalogs and unsolicited promotion material.  Planet4Me will credit your Account for Junk Mail based on weight once the customer returns the Junk Mail for proper credit.

Planet4Me is expected to comply with all associated USPS rules and regulations.  Please be aware that not all correspondence (“Mail”) is duty-free. Customs duties can be levied on certain types of Mail such as, but not limited to, magazines, promotional material and books. The customer is responsible for payment of all transportation costs and levied Duties & Taxes.

When you use the Site, chat function, send messages or e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically and you agree to receive communication from us electronically.  We will communicate with you electronically in return.  You agree to all associated agreements, notices, disclosures and communication that we provide to you electronically thereby satisfying any legal requirements that such communications be in writing.



Planet4Me complies with all applicable laws to provide Planet4Me Services both in the United States of America and in Guyana.  To enable that compliance, you hereby agree to provide Planet4Me with correct, accurate and legal information with respect to your Name, Address, telephone numbers, email, and payment information as applicable.  You, the Customer, also agree to:

Provide a form of picture identification which could be uploaded via our website upon registration
Authorize Planet4Me to search and inspect any and all shipments, packages and cargo
Allow United States Custom Border Patrol to inspect shipment and seize items banned for export from the United States of America
Accept that Planet4Me abides with all United States safety regulations in the processing and preparation of material for transportation by air, including the transportation of Dangerous Goods, possibly incurring additional costs.
Not ship banned or restricted items as found in this link.  This list is determined by both United States export restrictions and regulations, and Guyana’s import restrictions and regulations.
Secure and pay any additional permissions or permits required by legislation for import of particular items, as required by the laws of Guyana.
Correctly declare product value using the purchase invoice amount and provide an accurate description of your shipment’s contents for the proper levying and charging of Taxes & Duties
When using our Miami Address option, you the Customer are solely responsible for payment of any and all taxes, duties, fees and/or fines levied by customs authorities’ due to incorrect declaration of value, or penalties by said authorities for any falsification of information or importing prohibited items.



The confidentiality or your account and password and the access to your computer is your responsibility, and you agree to accept this responsibility for all activities that occur under your account, password or computer. Planet4Me does not sell products to children, only to adults, who can purchase with a credit card or other permitted payment method.  If you (“Planet4Me customer”) are under the age of adulthood, you may use Planet4Me Services only with the involvement of a parent or guardian, and all Shipments are supposed to arrive in the name of a person of age of majority.

Planet4Me does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, accent, colour of eyes, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or on the basis of age of anyone over the age of majority.



Planet4Me is not responsible for any additional charges levied by a financial institution or payment platform selected by the Customer to purchase Planet4Me services.  This includes, but is not limited to, interest charged by credit cards on Orders placed through or any fees or charges applied by the payment platform for international transactions or currency conversion via, My Account or other retailers.

Planet4Me maintains current pricing tables available to customers at

Planet4Me reserves the right to modify rates when deemed necessary without prior notice in accordance with market conditions and supplier pricing.

Planet4Me conducts all necessary steps to clear customs without previous authorization from Customers for Shipments with a total value including product cost, insurance and freight, commonly referred to as CIF Value, of under U.S. $1,000.  If the shipment exceeds this amount, Planet4Me requires authorization and payment from the Customer before clearing customs.  Planet4Me submits and processes all requirements regarding permits, permissions and tax exemptions according to legislation in Guyana.

Purchases completed through are not liable for a separate payment of Duties & Taxes, as all applicable charges are included in the all-inclusive price of the Order.  Shipments that arrive at the Miami Address are subject to additional charges, for which you the Customer are solely responsible, which may include transport to destination country, customs clearance and Duties & Taxes as determined by local Customs authorities.



When purchasing through you are directly contracting Planet4Me Services through, an entity legally constituted under the laws of Guyana. purchases (“Orders”) are intermediary transactions specifically, and therefore Planet4Me is NOT the seller or vendor of record.

Planet4Me reserves the right to cancel any Order at its sole discretion.  Any cancelled Order is refunded via the payment option used for the Order or by payment in Guyana. Order cancellations will be notified via an e-mail to you.

When your order is received, we may require additional information or documents to confirm your identity, address, and payment method. Requested documents can include picture of Government issued IDs and Credit Cards (last 4 digits visible) etc. If we do not get the required information, Planet4Me reserves the right to cancel the order. has limits and restrictions on certain types of Orders. Items on this Restricted Items list cannot be ordered. cannot process orders that require a subscription. does not purchase any digital or downloadable item, including but not limited to, music, e-books or audio, subscriptions or video games; nor, purchase anything via digital code.

Quoted Order Pricing is valid once the actual vendor has not changed its price. Orders must be re-quoted to be valid for purchase.  It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to specify all technical and physical characteristics on items requested via the Quoting Tool service provided by Planet4Me.

All quoted orders are calculated and presented in U.S. currency and may otherwise be displayed in local currency. All charges are in U.S. Dollars unless otherwise stated. If a payment requires a currency conversion, the exchange rate will be determined at the time Planet4Me processes the payment and completes the transaction.

Planet4Me reserves the right, with or without prior notice to do one or more of the following: (1) change guidelines for compliance of any coupon, code, promotional code or similar promotions, (2) discontinue or limit the availability of any product or service, (3) prevent users from making or completing any and all transactions if we think it is necessary, (4) refuse to provide a product or service to any user with our discretion, and (5) if Planet4Me purchases a Quoted Order for less than Customer was able to find, Planet4Me receives the benefit of that difference in price for the said item.

An Order via means that a request has been submitted by you; however, it does not mean that the request has been accepted or processed, nor that the price or availability of product has been confirmed.  Planet4Me makes a real effort to accurately describe and display products and services on our Website.  Despite all our best efforts, many various market conditions exist that sometimes are beyond our control including but not limited to erroneous supplier pricing and descriptions, back-ordered merchandise or out-of-stock, delays in updating websites, incorrect product feeds, various special offers, incorrect promotions and advertisements from other websites. Therefore, we are NOT able to guarantee, nor do we guarantee, the accuracy or integrity of any of this information, including prices, product specifications, product images, availability and services.  Planet4Me reserves the right to change or update information and correct errors, omissions or inaccuracies or at any time, without prior notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.



Planet4Me reserves the right to refuse acceptance of Shipments, if it determines tampering, opening or damage prior to arrival.  Planet4Me offers a per-Shipment service and does not offer Consolidation Service whereby multiple Shipments are combined into a single Shipment.  Planet4Me does not transport cash, drugs, or other prohibited items and is obligated to report these transgressions to corresponding governmental authorities.

Planet4Me transports Shipments from the Miami Address to its ultimate destination including customs handling and delivery to the nearest pick up points.  These services are charged per the stated rates published at website.

Each Planet4Me tracking number represents an individual package (“Shipment”), even if the shipment contains multiple articles and/or documents.  Each individual piece of a multiple piece shipment with a unique Planet4Me tracking number will be treated as an individual Shipment and charged according to the Planet4Me Service Rates.

Shipments may be held at the Miami Address for up to sixty (60) days due to, but not limited to outstanding Account balance, lack of payment, additional processing for export preparation, or arrival of Shipments with incorrect or incomplete name, address and/or customer request.  Planet4Me reserves the right to destroy and dispose at their sole discretion of any Shipments that are unclaimed and/or held for more than sixty (60) days from arrival at the Miami Address, or the Guyana Planet4Me operating facility.



Planet4Me identifies Junk Mail as prepaid sponsored postage correspondence delivered by the United States Postal Services USPS, including items such as free catalogs and unsolicited promotion material. We will not accept junk mail.

If Planet4Me receives items from the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) it is required to comply with all associated USPS rules and regulations.  Please be aware that not all correspondence (“Mail”) is duty-free.  Customs duties can be levied on certain types of Mail such as, but not limited to, magazines, promotional material and books.  Customer is responsible for payment of all transportation costs and levied, Duties & Taxes incurred.



Customers may only take advantage of coupons or promotions through one account.  Multiple use of single coupons or promotions by a Customer, either through duplication of Orders or Accounts, will be cancelled immediately.   Coupons and promotions may not be applied in combination with other promotional credits or coupons; coupons are not transferable, not negotiable, and not exchangeable for cash or goods or services, and will be only applied to one Account on behalf of the Customer.

From time to time Planet4Me may offer coupons and promotions.  Each coupon or promotion may have additional terms and conditions specific to that coupon or promotion.  Coupons may only be used during the corresponding promotional period (“Promotional Period”) and applied only to products found in, except for products restricted by local authorities, that require a special Customs clearance permit.  Promotions are valid only in combination with the payment methods available in Guyana and the USA.

If, by chance or force of nature, Planet4Me temporarily or permanently suspends a coupon and/or promotion, Planet4Me will only be responsible for adequately communicating the circumstances, and you the Customer or any other participants will be unable to claim any damage or detriment up to that point.  You the Customer accept and acknowledge that Planet4Me is not responsible and cannot be held liable for cancelled promotions or cancelled Orders resulting from fraudulent or illegal activities associated and agree by acceptance of these Terms and Conditions to hold Planet4Me harmless.

Planet4Me may immediately suspend any coupon/promotion, without incurring any liability, where there are fraudulent actions detected.  Fraud includes, but is not limited to, alterations, substitutions, improper redemptions or any other irregularity that occur during the take place during the Promotional Period.



All content, produced, published, included in or made available through Planet4Me services, such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, digital download and data collection is property of Planet4Me or its content vendors and is protected by the law of the Guyana and by internal copyright laws.

Graphics, logos, headers, button icons, scripts and service names included in or available through Planet4Me services are trademarks or commercial images of Planet4Me in Guyana, as well as in other countries.  Planet4Me trademarks and brand images may not be used regarding any product or service other than that of Planet4Me, in such a way that confusion among customers may be caused, or that Planet4Me be undervalued or discredited.  All other commercial brands that do not belong to Planet4Me, featured in Planet4Me services, are property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated, connected or sponsored by Planet4Me.

All rights not expressly granted to you in these Terms and Conditions are reserved and retained by Planet4Me or its licensors, vendors, editors, rights holders and other content providers.  No Planet4Me Service, nor any part of Planet4Me Services, may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or exploited for any commercial purposes without expressed and written consent from Planet4Me.  You may not use framing techniques to attach any brand, logo or any other information (including images, text, website design or form) without written permission from Planet4Me.  You may not use any meta tags or any other hidden text using the Planet4Me name or commercial brands without expressed and written consent from Planet4Me.  You may not abuse Planet4Me Services.  You may use Planet4Me Services only as permitted by law.  Licenses granted by Planet4Me will be revoked if you do not comply with these Terms and Conditions.



Planet4Me endeavors to provide a highly satisfactory customer experience.  If you are not able to satisfactorily resolve a situation, please write us at

Our headquarters office is in Georgetown, Guyana and we operate under the jurisdiction of Guyana



To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Planet4Me disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, Planet4Me does not warrant that the Planet4Me Services, information content, materials, products (including software) or other services including on or otherwise made available to you through the Planet4Me Services, Planet4Me’s servers or electronic communications sent from Planet4Me are free of viruses or other harmful components.  Planet4Me will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any third-party service, or from any information, content, materials, products (including software) or other services included on or otherwise made available to you through any Planet4Me Services, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages unless otherwise specified in writing.

Planet4Me Services and all other information, content, material, products (including the Website and software) and other services included and/or made available to you through Planet4Me Services, are offered “as is” and “as per availability” unless indicated otherwise in writing.  Planet4Me does not provide any representation or guarantee, expressly or implicitly, regarding the operation of Planet4Me Services or the information, content materials, products (including the Website and software) or any other materials made available to you through Planet4Me Services, unless indicated otherwise in writing.  You expressly accept that the use of Planet4Me Services is your sole risk.



You may terminate an Planet4Me Account by ceasing to use Planet4Me Services at any time.  Customer remains responsible for all pending charges, inclusive of abandoned packages, which must be paid immediately upon termination of service.

Planet4Me reserves the right to refuse service, terminate account, remove or edit content, refuse acceptance of packages, or cancel orders at its sole discretion.  If an account is suspected of fraudulent, unethical or illegal activity, either through stolen goods, stolen identities, credit cards, or any other illegal acts, including, but not limited to falsifying documentation, Planet4Me will report the Customer and/or Account Holder to the corresponding authorities.  Planet4Me reserves the right to provide account information, user information, and packages to the Authorities, original Shipper, or other involved party at Planet4Me’s sole discretion.